"There are moments of life that remind us of how beautiful it really is. I capture those with the hopes of giving you a gift and a story for a lifetime."                            

Photographer, Brandi Richards

About Brandi

Her passion for photography goes beyond the limitation of the norm. Brandi loves life and she believes that every given moment is a gift that should be lived beautifully. 

Capturing the beautiful moments of fun, love, joy, and spontaneity means giving her clients a reason to dwell on these beautiful moments to keep the creation of a beautiful life going. She went through the ups and downs of life but she always chooses to focus on the happy moments and the beauty of life. 

Brandi's artwork has been showcased in the Mayor/City Council office, Art Atrium at Frisco City Hall and various Gallery Exhibitions. 

Brandi is a mother of three beautiful children, a daughter, and two sons.

She provides the best photography. Through her eyes, she hopes to tell a story. She sells her photography art as well with the intention to bring the beauty of each captured moment into people's houses and businesses. 



Celina, TX

214 - 500 - 4978

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