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The Light Through Covid-19

We’re often asked, what would your younger self tell your older self. Even though most of us are only about a week in to this new quarantine/social distancing situation, I can bet we’ve learned a lot just in these few days. About ourselves as humans, how we live our lives, what we set as we selfishly treat our planet and others. At least I hope you have.

So, now that we have the chance to tell our older selves something we’ve learned from today, what would yours be?

What have you learned? What have you appreciated? Will you change how you do anything?

I’ve learned that the tests I’ve been through have prepared me for whatever this brings. That the faith I have is stronger than ever before. I have learned how resilient and adaptive kids are. I have learned that when the world is suffering together, the world comes together to help each other. That humanity is the key to the world’s soul. I have learned that some people will always act selfishly and all I can do is pray for them.

I have appreciated every moment I’ve had with the boys. Spending more time with them than the days usually grant me. Watching them be responsible in their schoolwork and play outside together more than they usually do. Seeing them not argue about helping me with daily chores and respectfully wanting to help. I have appreciated the conversations with my fiance, my daughter and my mom as the future is unknown, but our love is expressed stronger and fuller. And the days I have with them.

I will change time into value. Valuable time. Valuable memories. I will change how I treat myself to match how I treat others. I will change how I run my business. I will change thoughts into actions. I will increase the number of conversations and prayers.

I am hopeful that the human race will change how they treat this planet. As we have seen right before our eyes, how it thrives when it is appreciated and loved. It gives us cleaner air and crystal blue waters. I am hopeful that the human race will change how they treat each other. With more grace, compassion and understanding.

Life is short and precious. Let’s not lose sight on what we’re being taught today for the future.—Love and Live Beautifully

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